• Promote walking and cycling to destinations using new and existing foot and cycle links.
  • Opportunities for recreation and exercise within 5 minutes of the doorstep.
  • ‘Green spaces for all’ – an easily accessed Green Way network.
  • Provision of spaces that encourage sustainable living and a sense of community pride and ownership, such as
    allotments and community orchards.
  • Encourage healthy living and physical activity through the provision of high quality green spaces for play and
    recreation that are available to both new and existing local residents.


  • High quality design and construction.
  • An adaptable masterplan that responds to the evolving technology and sustainable ways of living.
  • Opportunity for more efficient energy supply.
  • Significant and meaningful green spaces.


  • Creating places with character and identity- views to the water tower, existing landscape features and foot and
    cycle linkages.
  • Make attractive and useable public open spaces
  • Design and construct buildings of quality, integrity and durability


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