An attractive well designed environment which responds sensitively to the site and its surroundings is regarded as essential in engendering a successful and sustainable development and establishes the fundamental framework for residents to live, play and socialise. The green spaces will provide for multifunctional uses, including recreation, surface water attenuation and ecological enhancement.

The green strategy for the site includes:

  • The protection of existing trees and hedgerows and a management strategy to improve their long term condition, amenity and ecological value.
  • The creation of a landscape framework, which integrates the landscape, ecological, drainage and topographical assets of the site.
  • The provision of substantial infrastructure planting to create a ‘green’ framework to the site, provide good visual screening and integrate the development into its setting.
  • The provision of a network of linked open space to serve the needs of new residents and the existing community. The locations and design of these spaces will promote a diversity of landscape character, ecology and biodiversity, ranging from informal country parkland, ecologically rich local nature reserve corridors, pocket parks and green squares.
  • A network of footpaths and cycle routes, integrated to adjoining public open spaces and public rights of way to provide ease of access through and within the site and to the open countryside beyond.

  • A village green at the the heart of the development which provides a key meeting place and linear green route through the village.
  • The provision of community orchards and allotments to promote sustainable healthy living at the heart of the community.
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) which will manage the quantity and quality of the surface water.
  • Pitches, play areas and an adventure playground incorporated into the areas of green open space accessible to both the development and adjacent housing.
  • The creation of a high quality streetscape.

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