The Yew Tree Village site is located in the south of Droitwich, around 2.5km from Droitwich Town Centre. A key area for consideration is seeking to promote the sustainability of the development through improved routes to public transport and creation of safe walking and cycling routes to local destinations.

The area proposed for development, access road and landscaping extends to 44 hectares (108.70 acres) where around 14 hectares (35 acres) of open space will be provided on the site.

The development will provide:

  • Around 800 new dwellings
  • An extra care facility
  • Substantial areas of Public Open Space providing recreation areas, formal play areas and ecological networks that are accessible to all
  • Sustainable transport links
  • Integration of foot and cycle paths (new and proposed) with green space
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage systems to manage surface water run off

The primary vehicular access to the site will be from two points on Pulley Lane.

The scheme has been designed to allow bus access into the site. This will be achieved by re-opening and improving the junction of Newland Road with Primsland Way for a pedestrian/cycle and bus only link.

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